Around the World #41

Hey there,

If you’ve just listened to Around the World #41 with Dan Perry and MCK…

Then you’ve come to the right place 🙂

Are you here because you’d like to continue the conversation re: communication?

If so… First, I’d love for you to take 5 minutes to share your biggest communication challenge / situation with me.

This will stay between us and whatever you share with me will NOT be connected to you or your name in any way.

In the coming days, I’ll be send you some of my biggest takeaways and reflections from this current series of questions.

You are one of 300 people (and counting) that have contributed their experience.

Second, remember the very beginning of the podcast conversation?

I liked the way Dan put it… the value in the Bounce was as if I was… an extension of his brain.

I’d love to Bounce with you, as well. To help you to think through whatever communication challenge / situation might be on your mind.

And while I typically charge $150 per Bounce conversation for those I work with privately.

For the next week I’ll be doing 7 days of Bounce conversations for whatever-you-think-it’s-worth for each of you who have listened to Dan and my conversation.

Once you complete the questions, there is a link to my schedule this week.

Please make sure to copy your communication challenge / situation so you can easily paste it when you book your time with me.

You’ll be given a chance in the first screen to choose your time zone, so you don’t have to calculate any time differences between us.

First come, first Bounce 🙂

I’m ready to share my communication challenge / situation with you, MCK

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