Jeff's MasterCom Story

Hi, I'm Jeff

“Don’t fix the leak. Fix the plumbing.”

“Don’t fix the leak. Fix the plumbing.”

Most people think about communication as an afterthought, not as a core topic.

Actually, people just don’t think about communication enough.

In social relationships people often say…

“Oh, I didn’t say that. That’s not what I meant.”

But what you said is just as important as what people heard.

People don’t make a point to improve the way they communicate and how they approach communication.

MasterCom gave me that chance.

And it was really helpful.

I was also struggling a bit when I started with MasterCom.

Both with how I was thinking and feeling. And also with my family.

More recently I have been listening to my friends talk about their challenging relationships with their parents, and I reflect back on mine.

I think of it a bit like this…

The parent will fire a missile.

And then the kid (myself included) fires back.

And with missiles being fired in both directions, our difficult conversations always ended up like World War III.

One of the biggest things MasterCom helped me to understand was conflict resolution.

Because before this program, conflicts always felt very burdensome, and hurtful.

But what if every conflict was framed as an opportunity to advance a relationship?

When I started to think about conflict in this way, some of these conversations got a lot easier.

And as I've thought more and more about communication -- and the way we all approach it -- it's a bit like plumbing in a house.

We only think about it when there’s a leak.

And once it’s fixed, we forget about it.

But maybe it’s the plumbing of the whole house that needs to be improved.

MasterCom was a month of continuous work. But it was a month that allowed me to fix the plumbing in my house, not just a leak.

–Jeff, Engineer, Designer, Entrepreneur, Musician

Could this be this for you?

MasterCom could be great for you if you believe that communication is important — both with others and with yourself. And that you are interested in both improving some difficult relationships, as well as growing and deepening others.

SO — if you’d like a bit of free support and a taste of what it could be like to work together, here’s the next step…

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These Things Made Jeff's MasterCom Experience

Great Listening

Great Listening

I practiced being a better listener, especially in the moments that were most difficult. This made a bit difference in conversations I was having at the time with family.

The Right Questions

The Right Questions

By being a good listener, and by choosing to ask questions, rather than fire missiles, both our conversation in the moment, and our relationship on the whole, benefited.

Different Perspective

Different Perspective

MasterCom offered me a very different perspective from the usual people around me. This allowed me to build confidence, try new things, and break free of assumptions.

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Please do be sure that your contact information is correct, otherwise, there will be a delay in starting your Communication Tune-Up.

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